What do I say to get a girl's phone number fast?

by Mark


Sometimes I'll go up to a girl I don't know and start talking to her, but when I want to ask for her number I get nervous and so I just keep talking...

Eventually, the conversation gets awkward and she says she has to go.... and I don't end up getting her number.

So... what's a smooth way to ask for her number that won't sound dumb or desperate?



That's a very common question because it's a very common occurrence.

When you drag on a conversation with a woman, it gets weird like you said and she'll be turned off and want to leave.

The best approaches are short and sweet.

Walk up, say something funny or give her a mild compliment, and then say something like... "I would be nice to talk to you some other time...."

or, "it would be great to see you again..."

or simply.. "so whats your number? I'm gonna call you sometime..."

If you convey confidence and assurance when you ask for her number... she will give it to you 90% of the time. I have a whole page dedicated to this that you can check out here.

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