My Story

My name is Nate Rivers, and I'm the one in the middle in the picture. My story starts a few years ago because before that, there was no story. Three years ago I was out of shape, had a job I hated, and had no fun in life because social situations made me extremely nervous.

I was frustrated with life and I wanted more, but I felt overwhelmed by all the things I knew I would have to do to change it.

The first thing I started doing was reading self-help books. Tony Robbin's books were the ones that really clicked with me. He talks a lot about modeling: find someone who has done what you want to do and just copy what they did so you don't have to spend time making your own mistakes.

My Online Business

I started my online business after I learned to meet women and after I got in shape, but to me this is the most exciting part so I want to tell you about it first.

Like most people, I understood that if you could figure out how to make money online, you were on your way. I seriously cannot think of a better way to make a living.

I used to tell my friends that I would do anything to get my own show on the Travel Channel, but then I realized that if I could figure out how to make money online, then I could do what they did and more without the pressure of making a TV show about it.

When I first started out, I hate to admit this, I bought a few programs with titles like "How To Instantly Make $30K A Week Online." Well, needless to say, those didn't work. At all.

Then, one day at school I was talking with this random kid in class about how I wanted to make money online, and he told me about SBI, or Site Build It.

I watched the intro videos,

and a few weeks later I purchased SBI and started building my site, and the rest is history.

Getting Over My Fear Of Meeting Women

One of the other things I wanted to change was my success with women. I didn't want to be a womanizer or anything, but I hated how I felt when I saw an attractive girl and I didn't have the courage to talk to her. Every cute girl I saw was basically a reminder that I was a wuss.

So I got online and bought a few of the most popular "how to pick up women" programs. They were good too, don't get me wrong. They had tons of info on what to say and how to act around attractive women. The problem I found, was that I was still too scared to go out and try the techniques on real women.

My fear of talking to women I didn't know took me A YEAR AND A HALF to get over. It was not an easy process for me. I had to make up my own little exercises to build up the courage to even try the stuff the gurus were teaching me in their programs.(I've compiled all of these exercises and what I learned into my own program that you can check out here)

Anyways, I finally got that handled and it has made me so much more confident in myself, and it makes life a lot more enjoyable. And its not even about dating a bunch of women, its that I overcame one of my biggest fears and overcame something that bothered me so much for so long.

Getting In Shape

About the same time I started overcoming my fear of approaching women, I started working out. I wanted to get in shape for a lot of reasons, but mostly just to feel good. Whenever I bent over to tie my shoe or pick something up, I just felt like it was harder than it should be for how young I was. Or when I would play sports with my friends I would be extremely winded after just a few minutes.

Getting in shape wasn't as challenging as approaching women because it didn't really deal with a fear. Getting up and going to the gym was relatively easy compared to going up and approaching a woman I didn't know. But it was tough mentally to go day in and day out and to not quit workouts early.

Changing my eating habits was also really tough. I basically followed the Body For Life Plan where I would eat clean all week and then pig out on Saturdays.

Thats a short version of my story. I am proud of myself, and I am continually progressing and building on my successes. I know its cliche to say this, but if I was able to change things around for myself, ANYONE can. Keep it real.

Nate Rivers