How To Shave Your Chest

How to shave your chest and the rest of your body so that you don't nauseate the people that have to be around you.

Knowing how to shave your chest, or just knowing that you should keep everything trim will help you out and keep the people you love happy.

The main thing I want you to get out of this is that having a lot of body hair... and body hair where there isn't supposed to be any.... is NOT attractive and reminds people of their grandfathers.

I'll break it down by body part.

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How To Shave Pubic Hair

How to shave pubic hair:

You should have some.

If you're guilty of watching tons of porn, you might think that girls want all your junk to be razor shaved.

Well they don't.

Its weird- and they think its weird. Now, your pubic area shouldn't remind people of the Lion King either. There is a happy medium and the best weapon to use is scissors.

You can use clippers to trim it up, but its real easy to take a huge chunk out and then you'll either have to try to explain that or shave everything off and look like a weirdo.

So again- the best thing to use is scissors.

And its pretty self-explanatory; just trim it up. Get rid of those extra long hairs, you know, the "spider-legs" and just make everything nice and even.

How To Prevent Razor Burn

- Should you decide to cut your pubic hair really short or even shave it, you will need some baby powder, maybe even some vaseline for the first few days so you don't get razor burn rash

How To Shave Your Chest

Knowing how to shave your chest hair is a different than knowing how to shave your pubes. This one is more a matter of personal opinion. A lot of women like chest hair on a guy, a lot don't.

One thing that no one can disagree with is that you should keep it nice and trimmed. If you have a lot of chest hair, as in Austin Powers-like chest hair, you should trim it up.

Now unlike pubic hair, using clippers on your chest and stomach hair is probably the easiest.

To use a guard or not- that is up to you. But using clippers is an easy way to keep everything consistent looking.

I'm gonna recommend baby powder again when you're done so you don't get razor burn rash- it does wonders. Now if you just have a little bit or a few stray black hairs on your chest... that just looks goofy... get that waxed Broseph.

Or if its hardly anything at all, shave it with a blade.

Shoulder, Back, Nose, and Ear Hair, and Unibrows

Get rid of it. Wax, shave, pluck- whatever you've got to do. Spend $100 bucks and go to a salon and have the pros do it for you.

Take notes while you're there because those girls will give you mountains of manscaping tips while you're there.

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