Sprinting Workouts To Burn Belly Fat Fast And Get Abs Fast

Why sprinting workouts are the best exercise to burn fat...

Running and cardio are going to be staples in your new lifestyle. I guess I should just say cardio, because you can do it in so many ways.

I myself am not the biggest fan of running; I prefer swimming or the exercise bike. What you need to know is that you should be doing 20 minutes of circuit cardio at least 3 days a week.

Circuit training routines are some of the best workouts you can do not only to burn stomach fat, but also build quality muscle.

Your sprinting workouts can be part of or a great end to your circuit training routines...

The best sprinting workouts...

At the end of your workout... you can end with what I like to call "5 minute forties"..

What you do is... sprint 40 yards.. rest 10 seconds... and then sprint back... rest 10 seconds.. and then sprint again.

You do this for 5 straight minutes... and if you're a viking you'll do 3 sets of this.

These are pure punishment and will make you question why the hell you even care about being in shape anyways...

But push through them... You'll feel GREAT afterwards...

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The benefits of circuit training with sprinting workouts...

Here is where I preach about the workout journal again.... as you're writing down what you eat each day and what you did in your workouts, along with tracking the results you're getting, you will get to know your body and you can step up the cardio or tone it down, depending on what you are trying to do.

If you're trying to pack on a bunch of muscle, you will most likely want to keep the cardio to a minimum, ya know just enough to promote heart health.

Outdoor vs. Indoor

Exercising outside in nature is great, but I'm gonna have to say I prefer indoors on a machine.

When you are free-running, its too easy to slack on your pace, or quit early, or end up ordering pizza...again.

When you type in twenty minutes on a treadmill at a certain speed, you are guaranteed to keep that pace and thus have an effective workout.

Like I said, I prefer the bike because there is no stress on your joints and knees.

Fat Loss vs. Endurance

Being able to jog a long ways and being slim and muscular aren't exactly the same thing.

When you train, or do cardio, to burn the most fat you will want to do high intensity training.

This is another reason a treadmill or exercise bike is superior to free running. You can adjust the level during the workout at any time.

So the idea is, think of each minute of your cardio as an interval. And as you're going, up the intensity during 4 intervals, and then come back down and repeat.

Example: You are going at 6mph for the first minute, up it to 6.5 for minute two, then up to 7 at minute three, and up to 7.5 at minute 4, and when thats over, go back down to six.

On minute twenty, go crazy and set it for faster than any of the previous intervals.

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