How To Tie A Neck Tie

How to tie a neck tie: the windsor, the 4 in hand, and the King George

This is a video on how to tie a neck tie. This first one is called the Windsor.

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This one is called the 4-in-hand. This is a slim knot that is good for thin, slim ties.

This is called the King George. This is a pretty thick knot. This one is good for spread-collared dress shirts or if you have a long tie and want to shorten it a bit. A lot of people like the look of this one the best because it gives you the uniform triangle-looking knot.

Shopping for Ties

Knowing how to tie a tie won't do you much good if all of your ties are lame or have Christmas trees on them.

I can't tell you exactly what pattern to look for because there is so much out there, but I can give you some basic guidelines on tie-choosing.

1. Make sure its made of silk. Period.

2. Make sure it feels sturdy. Pick it up and feel it between your fingers, if it is too flimsy and won't hold a dimple, move on.

3. Stripes are good, dots are risky. That isn't to say that there aren't any good-looking ties out there with dots on them, but stripes are usually a safer bet.

4. Stay conservative on the colors. Keep it simple dogg. My favorite tie is a black tie with subtle navy blue stripes on it. Its nothing fancy but it looks good with everything.

5. You'll know it when you see it. When you see a good-looking tie, you'll recognize it. And like with anything else, only buy one or two at a time. You'll end up with a much better collection over time than buying 10 at one time.

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