Best Watches For Men

How to choose the best watches for men and other accessories like cuff links, sunglasses, and belts.

Mens accessories are the first things people notice about you, and the easiest way to customize your look. They can also complete and compliment your look, or ruin it.

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This is somewhere where I don’t have a lot of experience. In my opinion, the less jewelry a guy wears, the better.

Earrings are one mens accessories that is hard for guys to pull off. For the average guy; actually this is for more than just the average guy, I think its better off to avoid earrings and excessive jewelry.

Leave that to the rappers. Real rappers: no record deal, no huge chains around your neck.


Watches can be and do great things for you. You don’t have to spend a ton of money to get a great watch though.

Some of the best watches for men only cost between $50 and $300.

That being said, you shouldn’t get your watch from Wal-Mart either. And never pay money for a fake Rolex or any other fake.

It’s just not worth it. You’re much better off to pay a few hundred dollars for a solid, good-looking Fossil watch than a fake luxury brand.

I think that some of the best watches for men are Nixons. They look good, they're durable, and they're not too expensive.

Cuff Links

These are one of my personal favorites. French cuffed shirts are more and more widely available, and paired with some cool cuff links, well few things are cooler than that.

The standard silver ovals always look good, or you can get crazy like my pair of skull cuff links.

There are tons of designs out there; it’s the perfect way to customize and brighten your otherwise dull days in the office.

Mens Sunglasses

Mens sunglasses, if you wear the right ones, are transforming. They can make you look like a movie star. Again, you should shell out some dollars for sunglasses if you’re going to do it.

No point in wearing the $6 shades you picked out while waiting in line at Wal-Mart. Everyone will know.

Its not like you need twenty pairs. One nice pair of Ray-Ban Aviators will work in almost any situation.

Just go to a sunglasses store and ask them which model of mens sunglasses they sell the most of.


Belts are super important. The reason I say that is because, say you are wearing your newest pair of designer jeans with a cool RVCA t-shirt, and then a fake-leather belt with a plastic buckle; that’s like putting a bumper sticker on a new Lexus.

Its retarded.

A high-quality leather belt makes anything or anyone look better, so invest in a few of those. Fossil makes awesome, high- quality belts.


Most guys have things to carry: laptop, books, PDA, documents, etc. And you can’t use a plastic grocery bag to pack your stuff around.

You need to get yourself a cool messenger bag; again, Fossil makes awesome messenger bags, belts, wallets, and other leather accessories.

Check out one of their stores.

Watch my video reviews of the best products for men here...

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