Free Bodybuilding Routines That Work

Finding free bodybuilding routines that work can be tough... here are 3 of the best body building workouts to build muscle and help you get ripped fast.

Most guys want to build muscle quick, build big biceps and have perfect pecs.. and there's nothing wrong with that. If you can sculpt those things you'll be more attractive, feel better, and get more attention from the opposite sex.

Its simple but not'll need to know the correct way to build muscle, utilize the best workouts to build muscle, and eat a lot of muscle building foods.

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Like they say...pimpin ain't easy, and neither is getting shredded.

When it comes to trying to choose the best body building've probably found that there's a ton of stuff out there with conflicting advice.

One guy says you should do a ton of reps, and another guy says you should do three different weight lifting splits. Sadly, I can't tell you which one of those is right, because neither one is depending on how your body responds to the different workouts.

I've been working out and and lifting weights consistently for ten years now and the 3 best pieces of advice I can give anyone are these:

  • Always, always keep track of what you do in the gym. Get a simple composition notebook and write everything down.

  • Always outperform your last workout, even if its only by one rep. This is the precise reason you need to write everything down... so that you can look at how much you deadlifted last time and beat yourself by five pounds.

  • Keep your body guessing. The human body is incredibly adaptable, which isn't such a good thing if you're trying to build big biceps or sculpt the perfect pecs.

    One day a week I devote to lifting heavy and beating my last weeks lifts with conventional sets and reps. But the other four workout days, I do each day completely different. I'll do a ton of reps with really light weight and then end with a set of 2 reps at a really heavy weight... or I'll do 20 sets of 1 rep at nearly my max.

    The point is, just constantly switch things up and do things that are completely different each workout.

  • Also, always be eating muscle building foods like veggies, meat, chicken, and especially beans.

free bodybuilding routines that work

3 Free Bodybuilding Routines That Work

Here are 3 free bodybuilding routines that work to get you started...

  • Hardcore Training Program For Experienced Lifters...this is for lifters with at least one year of experience.
  • German Volume Training...this is brutal.
  • Weight Training For Beginners...this is a beginner workout for those just starting.

If you're interested, there are a lot of great programs out there that aren't free, and these are the ones that are well worth the investment...

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