Good Conversation Starters

Having a few good conversation starters at your disposal is a good idea. Here are some good ones.

I am a big fan of meeting women during the day when I'm out doing things like grocery shopping.

Sometimes you'll find yourself in line or something next to an attractive woman and it's just not the right time for a normal opener, so you use a good conversation starter.

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There are so many ways to start a conversation with a woman; the easiest one that you can always use is to just make a comment about something in your current surroundings.

It can be about her shoes, it can be about the store you're in, it can be about the weather, or my personal favorite is to say something about a magazine cover or newspaper headline.

The point is to just start talking about something. Here is a secret to all of this that usually gets overlooked: Just because you initiate a conversation doesn't mean that you have to keep it going if it sucks.

If the woman is cold or doesn't just kind of nods her head to whatever you say, you don't need to plow through it and try to say something that will magically change her mood.

You're only looking for happy, friendly women anyways. If the girl is cool and she is open to meeting someone, she will respond and the conversation will just flow. If she's not, she won't.

It's that simple. And remember; if she is warm and friendly, 9 times out of 10 she will give you her phone number. If you have a good interaction, you have to have to have to get her number. If you enjoy talking to each other then she expects you to ask for it, so do it.

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