The Best Mens Jeans

The best mens jeans aren't always the most expensive ones. Here are some tips on how to find designer jeans for cheap.

Mens jeans are an American staple and the most-worn item in America. Going out and buying yourself some cool jeans is pretty hard to screw up.

All you need to do is follow my one rule for buying yourself clothes: take a female with you. Her heightened fashion sense will be able to tell you if the jeans look good on your or not.

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There are a ton of fits and styles of jeans out there, so like almost any other fashion advice, it is best to keep it simple. You don’t need to know the difference between low-rise, med-rise, boot cut, straight cut, slim fit, or any of the other hundred ways jeans are cut or washed. Just ask the savvy female that you took with you.

Now, there is no reason to go out and spend $250-$300 on a pair of designer jeans. That being said, I am of the opinion that the higher end stuff looks, fits, and wears better than its department store counterparts.

Did I just contradict myself? Sort-of.

Enter Nordstrom Rack. You'll find some of the best mens jeans here. My favorite brands of jeans are Rock and Republic and True Religion. But I have never paid more than $100 for a pair.

You can go to Nordstrom Rack and find awesome prices on awesome stuff, as I’ve said before. That doesn’t mean go there and buy a light green pair of jeans just because they say Rock and Republic on the back.

I’m also a huge fan of Levi’s: the brand doesn’t matter nearly as much as that they fit and look good.

The most important thing when trying on jeans is to make sure the waist size is correct. And you should know that all brands fit different.

For example, I wear a 34 True Religion and a 36 Rock and Republic. So make sure the waist fits, and that they are long enough or too long. Too short is heinous because you can’t fix it and it looks absolutely retarded.

If you’re shopping for Levi’s at Macy’s or someplace like that, they’ll probably have your size. But when you’re at Nordstrom Rack and you can only find one pair of cool jeans that fit but they’re too long- no sweat.

You can take them to your friendly tailor and he can fix them for you, and it is well worth the money. When your wearing a good-fitting, good-looking pair of jeans, you'll look money, and you'll probably smell like money too.

One last word on buying designer jeans: keep it simple. Like any other part of high-end-fashion, some of it borders on ridiculous.

There are some pairs of True Religions that have stitched pictures of tigers and ninjas on the back pocket. Don’t buy those. Here are some examples of the best mens jeans.

Watch my video reviews of the best products for men here...

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