Fashion Tips For Guys

These 5 fashion tips for guys are essential mens style advice so that women actually approach you...

A lot of guys have no idea how to dress well. Its just not something a lot of guys think about or even care about.

And I get that.

Shopping is annoying, and when you hear the word fashion, you probably think of Derek Zoolander.

The sad truth is, making a few changes in what you wear can make a huge difference in your social life. And work life.

I’m afraid fashion tips for guys is a necessary evil dudes.

You know girls talk about it- “ Oh my gosh, did you see the shoes he was wearing?”

Everyone has heard that line walking past a group of women at some point.

To them it matters, so if you like attention from women, then learning how to dress needs to matter to you, at least a little bit.

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Mens Style Advice

The most fool-proof, safe thing to wear and look good in is a T-shirt and jeans. Having said that, it doesn’t mean your high school football t-shirt and jeans with an elastic waistband.

If you have 2-3 pairs of really good looking jeans, and 5-6 nice, well-fitting t-shirts, you’re golden.

For more specifics on how to dress and pick good jeans, you can visit my page dedicated to men’s jeans.

Some of the best places to pick up cool t-shirts are Nordstrom’s Rack, The Gap, Pac Sun, random board shops, and I really like some of Old Navy’s stuff. Nordstrom Rack is my favorite though.

fashion tips for guys

This is a good example of how to look good in a simple t-shirt and jeans that look good.
Another part of knowing how to dress well is to have a few good sport shirts. Most guys don’t know the difference between a sports shirt and a dress shirt.

For our purposes here, we’ll define a sports shirt as anything that’s button down, including polos, and has a collar, and isn’t a dress shirt.

A dress shirt is a button down, collared shirt that you would wear under a suit. They will typically be slimmer-fitting and a finer gauge cotton than a sport shirt.

A good sport shirt and a nice pair of jeans are the perfect thing to wear on a date. Sometimes you can add blazer if you really want to get fancy.

mens style advice fashion tips for guys

The one on the right is a sports shirt, and on the left is the dress shirt. I think you can see the difference.

Fashion Tips For Guys Shopping Tips

Here are some general fashion tips for guys to keep in mind when going out to buy new clothes:

1.Take a female with you. It really doesn’t matter which girl, pretty much any girl will have far more fashion sense than you.

2. Try things on. It’s tempting to just grab a t-shirt and buy it because it looks cool, but you need to make sure it fits right.

When you put something on and can actually see it on you, you will know if it fits right or if there is just something funny about it.

3. Be wary of the clearance rack. I have found cool items on clearance before, but generally there is a reason its there.

One item that you paid a little bit more for and looks great is 10 times better than 5 shirts that cost $3 a piece but you never wear because they suck.

4. You will end up with better items if you just buy 1-2 things per trip. Go to a store, look around, try stuff on, and ultimately pick 1-2 items that you like the best.

When you go out and buy 10 new shirts at a time, you will find that you only end up wearing 1 or 2 of them.

5. No matter how cool the clothes are you bought, if you wear them with Teva sandals you will look ridiculous.

Nothing against sandals, I’m talking about shoes in general. You have, have, have to have good-looking shoes.

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