How To Flirt With Girls

Knowing how to flirt with girls is an essential skill in order to meet and attract women. This video has some solid tips on how to flirt.

How to flirt with girls is something you have to learn if you want to get good at meeting and dating women. Again, the best mindset to keep when flirting with women is that you’re just talking to and joking around with a friend that you’re completely comfortable around.

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Just last night I met this girl and started talking to her and after a few minutes of talking to her she was hitting me in the arm and kept saying we should hang out.

I’ll give you a play by play summary as best I can remember so you can get an idea of what I mean.

I had simply introduced myself and then I was about to leave so I said, “well it was nice to meet you,” and she was like, “yeah you too,” then I said, “just dress up a little more next time or I’ll pretend I don’t know you”.

Her jaw dropped and she looked at me like she was gonna hit me, and then she started laughing. She had this little plastic band on her wrist and I asked her what it was from and she said she had been to a haunted house on a date.

I rolled my eyes and told her that one was lame, and then told her about a different one that she should try. Somehow she mentioned she had been to Vegas the weekend before and I asked her if she had won any money.

She said no because she wasn’t 21, and I was like, “wait, how old are you?” She said she was 20, and then I said, “uhhh… 20, okay if you would have said 18, this conversation would be over.”

She got that look again and then said, “ so you wouldn’t hang out with me if I was 18?” to which I replied, “ hell no.” I then asked her if she had gone to any clubs in our city, and she said that she liked to country dance, to which I looked at her like she was the biggest loser I’ve ever met.

She kept saying stuff about hanging out, so I was like, “okay fine, whats your number?” And I pulled out my phone and put her number in, and left.

It is really a good move to joke with and tease a girl. It does so many things for you: you’ll find out if she has a sense of humor, you’ll show her you’re not intimidated by her and that you’re a man, you’ll show her you have a sense of humor, and it instantly creates attraction.

You can tease a girl about anything; its as simple as saying, “nice pants,” with a sarcastic tone and a dry look. Or you can say you like something she’s wearing and she’ll thank you and then you add that you have the same one; that always gets her to laugh.

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