Great Pick Up Lines

Here are some great pick up lines and openers to use when meeting women, some of them differ tactically, but I’ll explain the context of each one and how to use it.

Walk up to a woman and say, “ Hey I saw you from over there and you look like you’re up to no good… “.

Or, “I saw you checking me out from over there..stop”.

Or, “Are you/ you guys causing trouble over here?”

You can either say these with a smile or a smirk, or you can deadpan it with a challenge in your voice to disarm her, and when she looks shocked, just give her a smile.

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You should hardly ever say “just kidding” after you tease a woman.

If you say something and she just does not get it, you can say- “Im kidding- wow” while looking at her in disbelief. Don’t ever do the – “just kidding” with a nervous laugh to relieve the tension; she’ll know you’re a eunuch.

This is one of the great pick up lines for the bar:

“ Hey, its me”.

She’ll look at you like who the hell are you?.. “ Don’t you remember me? I’m that guy”.

She’ll say, “what guy?”

Then you say something like, “you know, like 10 minutes ago I walked past you when you were at the bar, I’m that guy, so what’s goin on?”

You can act like you’re the owner of the club by walking up to random groups of people and just say, “ Is everyone having a good time here? Great”.

One thing you can use anywhere is to walk up to a woman sitting at a table and you can either just sit down next to her and say, “were you saving this for me?”

Or you can walk up and grab a chair next to her and ask, “are you using this?” She’ll probably say no, and then you just sit down; it will usually get a laugh and then you’re in.

A good one for the mall or on the street you can use to even stop women walking the other way is to say

“Excuse me, have you guys seen a little dog? A little Yorkie with a little blue jacket on?” They’ll be like, “no.. oh my gosh, you lost your dog?” and you just nod your head yes.

Then say “well, give me your phone number and when I find him I’ll call you so you can stop looking for him.” They’ll usually get it and be charmed and give you their number.

Another good one is to just draw a line with your foot on the ground and then tell her she better not cross it.

This is probably my all time favorite great pick up lines...

Approach a woman and say, “ hey I’ve got a question for you.. I guess its more of an opinion.. When a guy approaches a girl, do you think its better to be direct or indirect?”

If she says direct, then you instantly say “okay well what is your phone number?” A lot of times they ask, “ what do you mean by indirect?”

To which you reply, “ you know... if they start the conversation by asking what time it is or something like that.” Then she’ll either say direct or indirect, and on the rare occasion that she says indirect, you then ask her if she knows what time it is.

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