What are the most important things to get my house ready for when a woman comes over?

by Steve


Well, against all odds, I have a woman coming over for a date this weekend and I am starting to notice that my place is pretty depressing.

What can I do to quickly give my place a face lift and help make a good impression on women?



If you were to do only 2 things... it would be:

1: Clean it. Clean everything and make it tidy and neat.

2: Make it smell good. A nice, pleasant smell will instantly put a woman at ease and make her comfortable.

Those are the 2 main things you HAVE to do.

Another great quick fix is to get some interesting magazines and have them on the the coffee table.

If she can sit down and grab a travel magazine and look through it, it makes for a very easy conversation starter and it takes the pressure away from you two staring at each other and trying to force a conversation.

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