How To Get Ripped In 12 Weeks

How To Get In Shape Fast By Changing Your Diet And Workout Habits

Usually when someone wants to get ripped, they think they just need to bench press more weight. Sadly, there is a lot more to it than that. Once you know the truth about getting cut, it is simple to do. Not easy though; it takes a lot of hard work.

There isn't a certain workout that is better than the rest, there are just certain things that a workout needs to include to be effective.

There are certain things you need to do with your diet to get ripped, and certain things you need to do with your workouts.

We'll start with workouts.....

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Workouts To Shred Body Fat

The main thing you'll want to include in your workouts is high-intensity cardio. My favorite way of doing this is the spin bike. At least 4 times a week, get on the bike and do 25 minutes.

The way I do it is, I will start off with 2 minutes of warm-up at a low gear. Then, I will turn it up high for the first 40 seconds of the 3rd minute. At 40 seconds, I then turn it up to where I have to stand up off the seat to pedal and I do a 20 second sprint to the next minute mark.

Then I turn it clear back down for the next minute, then I do the minute of 40 seconds high, 20 seconds really high. Then back down.

So it's basically 1 minute easy, 1 minute high-intensity. Do that for 25 minutes. This burns fat like your won't believe!

You can do this either before or after your circuit training; I like to do it after because its so tiring.

Circuit Training

Circuit training is the next piece of the puzzle in your quest to get ripped. Circuit training is where you do different exercises in succession without resting, and then repeating the circuit a number of times.

To give you a simple example, a circuit could be 30 pushups, then you flip on your back and do 30 situps, then you instantly stand up and do 20 in-place jumps. Then you would rest a minute after the jumps and then repeat the circuit again between 3 and 5 times.

So you can make circuits out of any exercises...

The most effective ones would be where you incorporate big, multi-muscle-group exercises such as squats, deadlifts, or cleans. But if you've never done them before, the simple example I gave will nearly kill some people.

Circuits are intense and so effective because they are strength training mixed with cardio. No matter your fitness level, you should be gasping for air after each interval if you're planning them right.

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