Tips For Attracting Women

Here are some tips for attracting women because the best way to meet women is by learning to attract them.

If you want to know how to seduce a woman, you need to change how you think about the whole thing. The phrase “how to seduce a woman” just has a negative connotation to it.

It gives the idea of tricking, duping, or fooling a woman into being with you. And aside from that, it takes too much time and effort to try to “pick a target” and then do all the little seduction steps.

Your time will be much better spent if you will internalize the tips for attracting women that I outline below.

Also, even if you know the worlds best pick up lines.. it won't do you any good if you don't know how to keep a woman attracted to you..

Its much more important to learn to attract a woman than you memorize tactics on how to seduce a woman.

If you can make these tips for attracting women a part of you, and gain the ability to approach women wherever you go, you will have so many women to date that there will be no need for seduction techniques.

See, worrying about how to seduce a woman comes from a scarcity perspective, while asking yourself the question “how can I make women attracted to me” comes from a surplus perspective. Thinking about things in terms of a surplus is not only healthier, it is also more realistic.

Even the best pick up artist could never date even 2% of the beautiful women of the world in a lifetime. There is no time for worrying about one certain girl (which that act alone will kill your chances with her).

I recommend you go out and rent “The Tao of Steve”. It’s a movie about an overweight, part-time kindergarten teacher who is very good with women.

The "Tao of Steve" is basically 3 key points that sums up the art of picking up women.

At one point in the movie he points out to his friend that based on his appearance he technically shouldn’t be getting women all the time, but he does because he knows how it works. He sums up the Tao of Steve in three key points:

1. Eliminate your desires.

2. Be excellent in her presence.

3. Retreat.

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Tips For Attracting Women

This three-step philosophy really sums up the best tips for attracting women.

First, eliminate you desires.

This is one of the best tips for attracting women and the best way to meet women... When women see that you're confident AND not blatantly trying to run game on them... you will actually have women approach you..

What this means is that when you have interactions with women, you have no attachment to the outcome.

It also means that you don’t have an ulterior motive in the back of your mind like getting in her pants.

Why is it that when you see a cute girl next to you in line you get nervous because you’re thinking of getting with her, but if she was in the path of an oncoming vehicle you wouldn’t even think about going up to and letting her know so she could get out of the way?

When you approach a woman and you have an agenda, she can instantly pick that up and it creeps her out.

But if you approach from the mindset of “ I genuinely want to get to know you better, and if you reciprocate that’s fine, but if you’re not interested for some reason, that’s fine too” , and if you’re okay with that, you will come across as a normal person and she’ll be open to talking to you.

Even when you approach directly and flat out ask a woman if she’s single, you still need to communicate from a place of security; that you might think she’s attractive, but if for some reason she’s not interested, it doesn’t bother you at all.

You’ve got to see this whole approaching women thing as a game, and find humor in it. The art of picking up women is simply a game...

It’s no big deal if she’s not interested. She could be married, she could be a lesbian, or she could just be in the wrong frame of mind at that moment in time.

It doesn’t mean anything about you. Keep that in mind when you meet a woman. Eliminate you desires.

Be excellent in her presence.

This means that you do something in her presence that triggers attraction.

This might mean you impress her with your knowledge of something that she’s interested in, or it might mean that you make her laugh, or it might mean that you simply differentiate yourself from other guys she has met with your self-confidence.

Most guys act needy or too nice when they approach a beautiful woman. They will tell her how gorgeous she is and beg for approval by giving her a bunch of compliments.

Well, when this happens to you ten times a day, you start to get sick of and even resent this kind of behavior because you know these guys are just trying to get something from you.

So when you’re the guy that she meets that maybe teases her a little bit or makes her laugh yet doesn’t telegraph any desire, it throws her off.

She’ll wonder why you aren’t interested in her like all the other guys, and just by talking to her and teasing her you’re communicating that you’re not scared or intimidated by her.

This says all the right things and sets you apart from all the losers she meets. You were excellent in her presence.


This is one of the most powerful tips for attracting women. What this doesn’t mean is that you should make her laugh and then run away. No, you always get the contact info. Get her number or email address.

I believe in ending first interactions quickly. Once you’ve met her, made her laugh or connected in someway, excuse yourself and get her info as you leave.

The longer you stand there talking to her, the bigger the chance is you’ll run out of things to say or you’ll say something stupid and kill the attraction.

What retreat means is that you should never show neediness or insecurity. Nothing will chase away a woman faster. Give it a day or two before you contact her, and when you do, plan a date a few days in advance.

You need to communicate that you’ve got things going on, even if you don’t. The worst thing you can do is say, “ what night is best for you? I can do Thursday, Friday, or Saturday night.”

That is not how to seduce a woman. As much as I don’t like it, there are rules to this game and you have to play them to some extent. So, retreat.

Back off, only make yourself available once a week or so when you’re first dating a woman. Give her time to think about you and it will increase her attraction to you.

And remember, focus on these tips for ATTRACTING women and not on how to seduce women.

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