Mens Grooming Tips Question: Is there honestly a difference between designer cologne and the cheap stuff?

by Andy


Hey so I was in Wal-Mart the other day doing my normal shopping, and I was buying some Bod spray. Next to it there was the glass case that's locked that has the $40 dollar a bottle designer cologne in it and I was wondering if there is that big of a difference between my $4 Bod Spray and the $40 Polo or Calvin Klein cologne...?



Yeah I think there is.

While there is definitely some cheap stuff that can work and smells good... the more expensive stuff is made from better ingredients, it lasts longer, and a lot more research went into creating it.

Here's the biggest thing... a woman's sense of smell is almost 3 times better than a man's.

I personally have about 5 or 6 bottles of expensive cologne and then a couple of things of cheap stuff that my mom or grandma gave me for a present.

I usually wear the good stuff if I'm going to be around women but I keep a bottle of the cheap stuff in my car usually for on the run... point is I've been out with women wearing both kinds.

NOT ONCE have I ever had a girl tell me I smelled really good when I've been wearing the cheap stuff.

But when I wear the real colognes... I will have girls tell me all the time how good I smell. Especially when I wear D&G or Marc Jacobs.

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