Ideas For A Fun Date

Some of the best ideas for a fun date don't have to involve spending a lot of money on a woman. If you follow these guidelines, you'll also increase your chances of seeing her again...

As far as ideas for a fun date go..... There is really only one thing that I do on a first date.

It is the same thing every time with the same outcome, so you can save all of your fancy date ideas for the fifth and sixth dates. And I like the outcome of this one.

It’s like a good salesman; a good salesman knows exactly what needs to happen on each sales call to close the deal. First of all, I don’t think that you should go take a girl out to dinner the first night you hang out with her.

Ideas For A Fun Date...

The 30 Minute Intro

And before I get started, I guess I should say that the very first time I meet up with a woman, I like to do like a 30 minute intro at a coffee shop or bookstore during the daytime.

What I mean by that meet her, talk a little bit, and if she is someone you want to actually hang out with, then you set up a “first date”.

This first date is what I am referring to in this page. Now that I’ve clarified that, lets move on.

Ideas For A Fun Date That You're In Control Of

You want to set up a casual meeting at your place. In your environment, that’s where you’ll be the most comfortable, calm, and relaxed. It will make it easier for you to be charming.

Going out on a formal “first date” and having to sit through a dinner where you’re sitting across from each other just puts a lot of unnecessary pressure on both of you and makes you feel awkward.

It is not one of the best ideas for a fun date.

Now.... we need to cover the atmosphere you’ll want to create.

Controlling the Environment

The other reason having her come to your place is superior to other date ideas is because you can control the environment.

There isn’t a certain way your place should be decorated or anything, but at the very least it should be clean and tidy. Make it clean and neat, and then make it smell good.

I think it’s hard to go wrong with a cinnamon scent. You can use a candle or a glade plug in or whatever the hell will make it smell like cinnamon.

Next, subscribe to some interesting magazines like National Geographic, a travel mag, a cooking mag, an art mag, and maybe a sailing mag or something like that.

Have those sitting on the coffee table. She’ll pick them up and be looking through them and it’s easy to sit down close to her and instantly have something to talk about. The next step is to learn to cook a few meals really well.

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This alone is one of the best ideas for a fun date I have. You can wow her with one of your perfected meals or you can just make some appetizers (but call them hors d'œuvres in front of the lady).

Anyways... the point is again to separate yourself from other guys in her mind. Chances are she hasn’t had many guys do something like this; and the good thing for you is it hardly costs anything.

Increasing Comfort

The next step is, once you’re done with dinner or once you’re on the couch ready to start the movie, is to increase comfort. What this means is that as you’re talking, every once in awhile you should touch her.

This doesn’t mean every three sentences you should poke her shoulder. What I mean is, for instance, when in conversation and you start a sentence with, “ you know how,” that is a good time to just lightly touch her hand or her arm while you maintain eye contact.

It’s just quick and brief, and make it completely natural. This will make her comfortable with you touching her. Later on, as you’re watching the movie and talking about the movie, you can kind of put your hand on her leg while gesturing with your hands and talking.

That sounds confusing, but what I mean is you don’t want it to be silent and then you just reach out and put your hand on her leg. It’s while your talking and kind of touching her leg, again, make it seem natural.

And then you can kind of rest it there for a minute, and then take it off. Most of the time, they will be touching your arm back by this point or they will just grab your hand and hold it.

But if you keep this up and you’re doing it right, they will grab your hand or your arm and the cuddling will begin.


How To Know When To Kiss Her

I have never not had it work. As the movie goes on and you get more comfortable, if you want to kiss her, there are a couple of ways you can tell if she is open to you kissing her.

One way is, when you look at her and you’re up close right next to her, if she starts looking at your lips and then back up to your eyes, she wants to kiss. The other way is to touch her hair.

The easiest thing to do is while you’re talking, again, do it naturally and calmly, is to brush her hair back behind her ear. If she lets you do that and doesn’t move back or get a weird look on her face or anything, she will let you kiss her.

What Movie To Watch

Now as far as the movie, it is hard to go wrong with a romantic comedy. 50 First Dates, Spanglish, How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, or something along those lines is usually a safe bet.

If you really want to be suave, get an old classic love movie. This way it is almost guaranteed that she hasn’t seen it, so telling her about the characters and what is going on gives you another thing to effortlessly talk about.

For me, this whole thing trumps other ideas for a fun date, period.

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