I want to be able to do more pull-ups...

by Sam

pull-ups, build muscle quick

pull-ups, build muscle quick

I work out and lift weights regularly and have for years, but I have always only been able to do between 5-8 pull-ups at one time. What exercises can I do to be able to do more pull-ups? I would like to get where I can do 15-20 at one time.



In order to be able to do more pull-ups, simply do more pull-ups.

You can do lat pulls all day and while they will help the same muscles used when you do a pull-up, nothing will help you faster than adding more real pull-ups into your routine.

Try this:

3 times a week, do 20 pull-ups.

Say you get on the bar and do 5. Rest for 30 seconds and then do as many as you can again, then rest 30 seconds, and so on.... until you've done 20.

Do that for 2 weeks. On week 3, move it up to 30 pull-ups. Do this for another 2 weeks, and then 40 pull-ups.

Every 2 weeks go up 10 total reps until you are doing 80 or 90 pull-ups in succession.

By then you should be able to do well over 10 at one time.


After each pull-up workout, simply hang on the bar as long as you can 2 times.

This will greatly strengthen your grip which will help immensely with the pull-ups.

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