How To Shave Your Head

Learn how to shave your head the correct way so you don't have razor burn rash and a bunch of ugly, ingrown hairs.

A shaved head is a good-looking, low maintenance hairstyle for men. There are different versions of a shaved head- you can "bic it" like Vinny here-

or you can keep a little bit like J-Tizzle shows us, along with some facial hair: both are stylish and good looking.

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Here are some tips if you're going to do it yourself:

1.Get some good clippers- you don't necessarily need super expensive clippers, just keep them oiled so that they run smooth.

2. Invest in a good personal mirror with a handle- it makes doing the back so much easier- or get a sidekick to do the back for you.

3. To keep it looking clean and tight- do it every week (if you use a blade for the Vin Diesel look, you'll need to do it every day or two).

How To Prevent Razor Burn

1.Baby powder- one thing you'll first deal with when shaving your head is razor burn and/or ingrown hairs.

A baby powder rub will help prevent razor burn, and is also the best razor burn treatment...

When you're done shaving and after you've showered, rub some baby powder on your newly shaved head. Johnson's cornstarch baby powder works the best. You can do this daily on your face after you shave, too.

2. To avoid acne on your newly shaved head and face, one of the best things you can do is change your pillow case daily.

This one thing can do wonders for your complexion- do it!

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