The Get Ripped Workout:

5 Exercises You Need To Be Doing

get ripped workout

A get ripped workout should include 5 major exercises that most people don't even do when they train.

Each of these exercises is difficult, and they will have you gasping for air after each set. That's how you know they work.

The biggest mistake most people make when they go to the gym is that they don't even have a plan for their workout that day. They go and randomly pick a few exercises, do a few sets, and then they go home.

First and foremost, you should be tracking your progress. Although nice, you don't need a specific workout-tracker-journal thing. All you need is a notebook. I use a composition notebook.

If all you do is write down your sets and reps and how much weight you used, you're doing better than most people.

If you really want your workouts to count, you can track all sorts of stats in different ways and then try to beat them in your next workout.

For example, what I do right now is track how long it takes me to do a certain number of reps for a few different exercises, and then I try to beat the time the next time I do that workout.

So this morning, I put on the weighted vest, and I did 50 pushups, then I instantly got up and did 30 box jumps, then I ran outside and did 6 40-yard sprints, then I got on my back and did 100 crunches. I did three circuits of this and I beat my last week's times by at least 30 seconds on each set.

But I'm getting off topic...

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5 Exercises You Need To Be Doing

These are big, multi-muscle-group exercises that will increase your overall results much faster than smaller, single-muscle exercises.