First Date How To

First date how to can be broken into two parts; things you should do, and things you shouldn't do.

first date how to

Things You Should Do

-Take a rigorous shower and make sure everything is in check grooming-wise

-Keep in mind that you have as much power to accept or reject her as she does you

-Keep the conversation light and interesting; get some topics in mind to talk about before hand if you need to

-Open doors for her

Things You Shouldn't Do

-Ask boring questions about where she works and where she's from

-Put her on a pedestal and communicate that you need her approval

-Have any expectations whatsoever, you're just there to have a good time

-Be negative or gripe about anything or anyone

-Brag or talk about yourself; if anything make fun of yourself

That should be enough to think about for your next first date.

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