Fastest Way To Build Muscle Question: What are the best supplements to take while training?

by Jake

I am wondering what the best supplements to take are to help me build muscle quick and get really strong.

I use protein of course and then creatine... but then I see these ads all the time on the sides of websites for different things that aren't "core" supplements that everyone's heard of... they have pics of huge, ripped guys but don't really say what exactly the supplement does and I don't really know what to think of them. What's your take?



Your best bet is to stay away from "new" supplements that are being heavily advertised online.

I am not a huge supplement fanatic. There's only a few things I use, and I am much more of a believer in using nutrient-dense, whole foods to build muscle quick than I am of using supplements.

I would say protein is the main thing, with glutamine next, and then I really like pre-workout drinks like Energized Xpand or SuperPump 250.

That's pretty much all I use. I have cycled creatine on and off, but I've never had amazing results with it.

Eating a ton of muscle building foods like beans, meats, and fruits and veggies are far better for you and work better as far as I'm concerned.

You'll also do better to make sure you are absolutely punishing yourself in the gym and pushing yourself to the limit every workout... that is where you're biggest gains will be made, not from some "magic" supplement.

Study after study has proven that the biggest benefit from most supplements is simply the "placebo effect".

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