Exercise To Lose Belly Fat

exercise to lose belly fat

Try these 5 tips on how to exercise to lose belly fat and get 6-pack abs using these belly fat exercises..

If you exercise to lose belly fat, you're probably frustrated with your results. Losing belly fat and getting 6-pack abs isn't easy.

The problem is there's a lot of conflicting information out there on how to lose stomach fat and get hot abs.

Usually the first thing people do when they start getting a fat belly is to try and diet. Dieting is good, but most people go about it the wrong way.

You need to combine a healthy diet with the best belly fat exercises... I'll get to what belly fat exercises are in a minute...

In the years after high school I started getting a fat belly and so I tried to find out how to lose stomach fat.

No matter what I did workout and diet wise, I could not figure out how to get ripped abs...

The fact of the matter is, belly fat is just that, fat. Whether its belly fat on men or belly fat on women, it comes and goes the same way.

What you need to do is stop eating white carbs. That means breads, cookies, chips, and anything else with enriched flour or sugar in the ingredients.

You should eat 4-6 small meals a day that consist of a portion of protein and a portion of fruit or vegetables. The diet part is really simple. Simple, but not easy.

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How To Get Ripped Abs

As far as the best exercise to lose belly fat, you need to do intense cardio. You don't have to do hours of it a day, it just needs to be intense enough to burn stomach fat.

One of my favorite forms of training is circuit workouts. A circuit workout is where you'll do something like five different exercises for one minute each, and then a one minute break, and then repeat the circuit again.

Circuit workouts burn a ton of calories, they burn stomach fat, and they also get your muscles toned and will help you get those 6-pack abs you've been wanting...

A simple circuit you can do at home to lose belly fat fast is:

-One minute of squat jumps (squat down and then jump straight up)

-One minute of pushups

-One minute of burpees (from pushup position, jump to feet and then jump straight in the air)

-One minute of crunches or situps

-One minute of body-weight squats

That will give you good start on your quest to burn stomach fat and get some 6-pack abs...

The main thing is consistency; consistently exercise and consistently eat clean.

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