Do I need to workout to get women?

by Jerry


I abhor exercise. So needless to say, I'm not exactly what you would call a model physical specimen.

Do I really need to be ripped to be able to meet and date beautiful women? It seems like that could take years...



No, you don't need to be ripped. I have a friend who is a big guy and he doesn't work out or eat healthy and he pulls some very attractive women.

When he approaches a good-looking woman she'll see him coming and get that almost painful look on her face, but then 5 minutes later he has her laughing hysterically and touching him saying, "oh my gosh,... I can't believe you said that!"... basically eating out of his hand.

Being able to confidently talk to women is #1, hands down.

For me, getting in shape absolutely sent my confidence through the roof and made it possible for me to get good at meeting women, I just didn't have the basic self-confidence.

I will say this, if my aforementioned friend, being able to talk like he does, was a really physically attractive guy as well... there would honestly be no women left in our city for anyone else.

Bottom line is, getting in shape will really help with your confidence and your ability to attract women... but it's not necessary.

I do think it should be a part of all-around self improvement, which is why it is such a big part of Big Balls In 21 Days.


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