Circuit Weight Training: How To Build Muscles And Melt Belly Fat With These 5 Exercises

More and more people are turning to circuit weight training because the workouts are shorter, more effective, and funner to do.

A lot of guys want to know how to build muscles and melt belly fat, and this is why circuit exercises are getting so popular.

When you do a series of exercises one after another with no break, it is very intense on your body. Your body goes straight to its fat stores for energy, and your muscles fill with blood and oxygen to compensate for the non-stop punishment.

Thus, the desired effect of building muscle mass and burning belly fat is achieved.

Plus, you can do a brutal circuit routine in about 30 minutes, and feel it the rest of the day.

It's also funner to do your workouts this way, when you're timing yourself or have a certain number of reps you need to hit before you can move on, it's much more motivating and easy to move through the workout.

How To Build Muscles And Melt Belly Fat With These 5 Circuit Weight Training Exercises

Okay, this is an advanced circuit weight training workout... but you can do it even if you're a beginner with really light weight.

The format is, you will do each exercise for 1 minute and then instantly move to the next one. Record how many reps of each exercise you get in the 1 minute (or how far you went for the farmer's walk), so that you can judge your progress.

After 1 minute each of the 5 exercises, that is one circuit. Only take a 1 minute rest between the circuits. Yes, you're supposed to be gasping for breath and thinking you're gonna die. That's the idea.

You will do 3 circuits.

After a few circuit weight training workouts, you'll get an idea of how many reps of each exercise you can do, you can turn it up a notch by giving yourself a certain number of reps to hit before you move on to the next exercise. Then, time how long the whole circuit takes you and try to beat that time.

After a while, add more reps to each requirement and so on... These workouts rock, I think you'll like them.

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The Circuit Exercises

  • Farmer's Walk...You pick up pretty heavy dumbbells or kettle bells in each hand, and then just walk as far as you can before you have to set them down.

  • Band Pull-ups...Put one of those huge training bands over the pull-up bars and then put one or both knees into it and then proceed to do pull-ups.

  • Turkish Get Up...Grab a dumbbell or a kettle bell in one hand, lie down on your back, and hold the dumbbell up towards the ceiling with your arm locked out and fully extended.

    Without unlocking your arm with the dumbbell in it, you have to rise to your feet however you can, whether it's using your other arm and then onto your knees and then up, or however you have to do it.

    Keep your arm locked out while you get back down. Do three on an arm before you switch arms. The dumbbell should be heavy enough that its a struggle to get up and down.

  • Clean and Press...Put light enough weight on that you can do this for a full minute. I think everyone knows what the clean and press is.

  • Medicine Ball Slams...Pick up at least a 10 lb. medicine ball and raise it above your head and then squat down as you slam the ball into the ground. Pick it up, raise it above your head again and repeat.

If you've been wondering how to build muscles and melt belly fat with circuit weight training, this is it. This circuit is pure hard work, and it feels great when you're done. Enjoy.

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