Circuit Training Workout

Circuit training workouts, also known as high intensity interval training, are some of the best workouts for building muscle mass and getting rid of belly fat.

If you’ve been getting a fat belly lately then this is something you’ll want to pay attention to: 30 minutes of high intensity interval training will burn up to 3 times as much fat as jogging will in the same amount of time.

How Do They Work?

Circuit exercises are so effective because they are a combination of strength training and cardio training.

Its definitely not one of those 10 minute abs programs though... you'll figure that out the first time you try it...

The basic idea is to do a series of exercises non stop, take a rest, and then repeat the circuit. For example, a simple one would be to do 20 pushups, then 20 sit-ups, then 50 jumping jacks.

You do those 3 exercises without resting in between, and when you’re done with the last one, you rest for 1 minute. That equals 1 circuit. Usually you’ll do three or four or five of the circuits in a row.

You can do these in 15 minute workouts and they're still more effective than jogging for a 30 minutes..

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How To Build Muscles With High Intensity Interval Training

Circuit exercises also work better at building muscle mass than traditional training does. Everyone knows that if you want to build solid muscle mass, you need to do the big exercises like squats, dead lifts, and cleans.

Likewise, if you combine these and other heavy lifts into a circuit, you can build muscle mass that much faster.

On my heavy lifting days, the circuit I end my workouts with is 10 dead lifts, 10 tire flips, and 50 reps of hitting the tire with the sledge hammer. This is brutal and nearly makes me pass out every time.

If you'll combine a few heavy lifts into a circuit routine, you'll get a huge pump and really work your muscles while shocking them into growing.

How To Loose Weight With Circuit Training Workouts

Circuit cardio is another great form of training that will take your cardio to another level.

One of my favorite cardio circuits is 10 minutes of the spin bike, followed by 10 minutes on the rower, followed by 10 minutes on the climber.

Another challenging circuit cardio is to do a 40 yard sprint, then rest for 10 seconds, then another 40 yard sprint. Do this sprint and rest for 10 repetitions.

Circuit training workouts are, in my opinion, the best way to achieve your fitness goals. The workouts are fast and really effective, and it feels like you've done something when you're done.

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