Circuit Training Music:

How Choosing The Right Workout Tunes Will Help You Melt Belly Fat And Build Muscle Quick

Add these 20 songs to your circuit training music to increase your workout intensity and you'll melt belly fat and build muscle quick.

The idea of circuit training is to keep a high level of intensity through your whole workout. I really think the music you listen to while you workout makes a huge difference. It does for me anyway.

Here are 20 of my favorite workout songs. I recommend you battle test these. You'll notice the same bands a few times.... that's because they have more than just one badass song!

20 Of The Best Songs To Help You Melt Belly Fat And Build Muscle Quick

These aren't in any particular order....

  • Apes of God by Sepultura

  • Who Must Die by Sepultura

  • Dusted by Sepultura

  • Propaganda by Sepultura

  • Harvester Of Sorrow by Metallica

  • Blackened by Metallica

  • I Hate You by Slayer

  • Abolish Government by Slayer

  • Swamp Song by Tool

  • Aenima by Tool

  • Forty-Six and 2 by Tool

  • The Pot by Tool

  • Vicarious by Tool

  • Needles by System of a Down

  • Prison Song by System of a Down

  • Sugar by System of a Down

  • Peephole by System of a Down

  • Cigaro by System of a Down

  • I Will Be Heard by Hatebreed

  • Live For This by Hatebreed

There you go... Enjoy.

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