Circuit Training Ideas To Get Ripped Fast

Running out of Circuit training ideas? These 10 exercises will add some spice to your workouts and will help you melt belly fat and build muscle quick.

Luckily, I don't have to come up many circuit training ideas on my own.

I work out at an mma gym and I go to circuit classes every tuesday and thursday.

The instructor is always coming up with psychotic ways to punish us, so I'll pass on some of the best exercises to you.

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Build Muscle Quick With These 10 Exercises

  • Medicine Ball Pushups: Grab a medicine ball and get down in push up position. You'll put one hand on the ball and do a pushup, and when you come up you'll roll the ball across to your other hand and do another pushup.

  • Band Pull Ups: Grab a great big fitness band, and loop it over the pull up bar. Then put one of your knees in and start doing pull ups. You can also use the assisted pull up machine for this.

  • Medicine Ball Slams: Pick up a medicine ball with both hands, lift it up over your head and then thrust downward as you slam it into the ground. Quickly pick it up and repeat.

  • Wall Walk Ups: Get down in pushup position next to a wall with your feet towards the wall. Then you'll put your feet up on the wall and walk back with your hands until you're upside down and parallel with the wall.

  • Push Ups: Yep. Regular old push ups are still one of the best things to add into a circuit routine.

  • 5 Minute Dumbbell Punches: These suck. Grab 5lb dumbbells or even smaller, and with them in your hands you'll do 1 minute of jab/cross, 1 minute of high jab/cross, 1 minute of left and right hooks, 1 minute of uppercuts, and then 1 minute of combos.

  • Box Jumps: You know what these are.

  • Tire Flips: You'll need a big huge tire for this. Pick it up, push it over, and repeat.

  • Band Sprints: These are cool to think about but they're about as cool as getting waterboarded to do. Get 2 of the big fitness bands and connect them with a clip, and then put one around your waist, and the other around your partner. Now, you're going to sprint for 40 yards with him resisting getting pulled.

  • Sledge Hammers: You simply hit the tire with a big sledge hammer over and over.

Start throwing some of these exercises into your circuits to change things up. Hopefully this gave you some circuit training ideas.

I highly recommend the band sprints. They are a great thing to end a workout with and they will give you a semi out of body experience.

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