Circuit Cardio Workouts To Melt Belly Fat

Circuit cardio is a great way to make your cardio more intense and burn fat faster.

Now, circuit training routines is the only way I train, and I love it.

It is the most effective way to do your cardio training. It takes less time, its funner, and it will melt belly fat faster than anything else.

There are a ton of ways you can do circuit cardio; you can do it with sprints, on the elliptical, on the treadmill, on the spin bike, or even with plyometrics.

My favorite is the spin bike.

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Stationary Bike Workout

My personal favorite cardio workout is the stationary bike workout. I like it because there is no stress on your knees and joints, so you can focus on working hard instead of your feet hurting the whole time.

I still like to do an actual run once a week, but I do the majority of my cardio on the spin bike.

The format of my workout is simple: I do one minute low resistance, and then one minute of high resistance.

For the last 20 seconds of the high-resistance minute, I pedal as hard and as fast as I can. This way I'm barely catching my breath by the time my rest minute is over.

Doing really intense intervals of work will melt belly fat way faster than just jogging can.

30 minutes of high intensity interval training can burn more fat than an hour or more of jogging.

Its faster, and it feels a lot better as well. After a circuit workout, you can tell you've done something.

I like to do circuit workouts 3 times a week, right after my normal weight lifting workouts.

They only take 20-30 minutes.

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