Best Way To Lose Fat

best way to lose fat

Thousands of people search google every MINUTE for the best way to lose fat. Obviously, it comes down to diet and exercise, but the problem is that there is so much information out there on different programs and schemes that it can be overwhelming.

A lot of the best-selling programs are just quick-passing fads that are eventually exposed as some re-packaged hype from decades ago. Or a new spin on something that has already come out.

The truth is, the best way to lose fat is a complete lifestyle change, and healthy, lasting weight loss will take time, effort, and dedication.

That being said, a person that is dedicated and puts in a lot of effort can make a ton of progress in a few short months. But most people are busy, they have jobs and a family so it's hard to put in a lot of time working out.

So, I've put together the 10 best practices for losing weight and getting in shape that anyone can do no matter what their fitness level is.

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5 Things You Need To Be Doing That Will Make You Slimmer And Get You In Better Shape

  • Get a fitness journal. I use a regular old composition notebook for this. Keep reading for how to use it.

  • Keep track of your workouts, and beat them by some measurement next time. It doesn't matter if your workout is a 2 hour, super intense weight lifting session or a 20 minute walk. Keep track of exactly how long it took you to walk how far, and tomorrow, walk a little bit further in the same amount of time.If you continually improve a tiny bit each day, after a few months you will have doubled, tripled, or quadrupled+ where you started from.

  • Keep a record of how much money you spend on food. Keep a small paper in your wallet or however you want to do it, but write down every time you buy groceries or eat out. Keep track for a week and then force yourself to cut that by 20% the next week. You will see how much you really spend, and, a lot of times you will end up choosing not to buy something simply because you would have to write it down if you bought it.

  • Get rid of ALL junk food from your house. Anything unhealthy, period. And do not buy anymore, ever. If you're going to eat junk food, make it hard to do. If you don't have any junk in your house, it means you have to put shoes on and drive to the store to get it. That will really cut down on how much crap you eat.

  • Eat more protein. Protein takes a lot of energy to digest, and having muscle on your body burns way more energy everyday than not having it. An easy way to do this is to get some protein powder that you just mix with water. What I do is I'll put a scoop or two into some empty water bottles and then carry them around in my bag, and when I need them I just put some water in a shake it up. Protein fills you up pretty fast too. Do it when you feel like you need food.

So, anyone can implement these 5 things into their normal routines and if you do them and stick to them, your body will have no choice but to burn more fat and build more muscle. Remember, the best way to lose fat is to quit gaining it.

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P.S.>>This website is my job....which means I don't have a job... or a boss that tells me what to do. I built it part time putting in about 4 hours a week. Anyone can do here to learn how.

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