The Best Place To Meet Women

The best place to meet women isn't at the club, believe it or not. It's a place that you go every day.

Meeting women is something that all guys want to do. It is also something that a lot of guys don’t know how to do.

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Most guys think that meeting girls consists of going to the club on the weekend and hoping to meet someone. The problem is, your chances of meeting a woman at the bars or clubs that is worth dating are small.

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I personally don’t go to bars or clubs at all. The best place to meet women is in your everyday life: at the grocery store, at the coffee shop, or even the gas station.

So... you can just go about your daily life and meet women for free, everyday.

If you think about your regular day, I would bet that you run across AT LEAST... two to ten beautiful women, everyday.

Lets say that you approach all of them. So in a week, being very conservative, you approach at least ten women. I can guarantee that you will at least get one phone number, probably more.

Now, if you meet even one new woman a week, it won’t be long before you have a very busy social life. If you look at it that way, meeting girls is pretty simple.

That pretty much sums up my advice on meeting women. Kind of. I know how hard it can be mentally to approach women period and even harder during the daytime.

So how do you get over all of the fear and anxiety you feel? What I recommend you do will change your life forever if you will actually do it.

Here it is: pick a day that you’re going to go to the mall or some other high traffic area, and you are going to approach fifty women.

One after another.

Results don’t matter; it doesn’t matter if you get her number or not, it doesn’t matter if the one you just approached sees you approaching the next one; absolutely nothing matters except that you approach fifty women.

This will change everything that currently goes through your head when you think about approaching a woman.

After that when you see a cute girl at the grocery store you will have no problem going up and asking her if she is single.

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