The Truth About Six Pack Abs Program Review

the truth about six pack abs program review

You've probably seen this program at some point on the internet. It's VERY popular, and VERY controversial.

What Is It?

The short answer is, The Truth About Six Pack Abs program is a workout and fitness program designed to stimulate fat loss and build lean muscle. Its written by Mike Geary, a Certified Personal Trainer and a writer at Muscle and Fitness Magazine.

Does It Accomplish This?


Is It Easy?


So Why Is It Popular AND Controversial??

Why Its Popular:

It is popular because it works. This is a solid, no BS, tried and true workout and nutrition program. Nothing more, nothing less.

It's billed as an ab program because that's what so many people are after these days. The reality is, there is are NO exercises, pills, or diets that can specifically target belly fat.

Really, only about 10% of this program is focused on ab exercises.

The reason is, the BEST way to get your metabolic, fat-burning furnace going is through high-intensity, full-body workouts.

Obviously, Mike knows this and therefore, his program is really effective at burning fat and increasing lean muscle mass.

So Why Is It Controversial?

It's controversial because so many people buy it, and then like any fitness plan or diet, more than half of the people who purchase it will quit following it after 1-2 weeks.

Then, you'll read on forums or blogs that "The Truth About Abs program is a scam!"

It's not a scam, I can assure you of that. The program, IF FOLLOWED and STUCK to, works.... and works VERY WELL.

However, if you have a history of quitting new diets or workouts after just a few weeks, DO NOT BUY THIS.

These workouts are very intense and taxing, so you need to have your mind made up 100% that you're going to follow through or it will end up being a waste of your money.

Bottom Line:

The Truth About Abs Program is an excellent and comprehensive workout/nutrition regimen. It is a no-nonsense guide to proven, textbook methods of getting in shape through exercise and eating healthy. Its all based on proven science, and not on fads.

I Recommend You Try It If:

You are 100% committed to a REAL lifestyle change. It's that simple. Check out the program here


Click this link for a $4.95 Trial Offer.

Seriously, DO NOT Buy It If:

You aren't 100% committed, or if you have a history of giving up on fitness programs, because this will be twice as hard as the last one you tried.