Well lately one of the girls I've been dating has phased out the others and I've been spending more time with her than usual. She has been coming over on the weekends and a few times has stayed the whole weekend. Last weekend I had a realization that me spending so much time with her is affecting my own life and what I'm trying to do. When she would stay over for 24 hours I wouldn't make it to the gym the next day, I wouldn't get any work done, and I would be very ready for her to leave by the time she finally did. I realized I was giving away a lot of my power and showing her that I value her more than my own time and more than my own projects which is a very bad thing to communicate to a woman. Women complain about you not spending enough time with them and stuff like that, but that is right where you want them. You always want to leave them wanting more. Deep down a woman wants a man who is passionate about his life and his goals. For example when I allowed this girl to stay at my house the whole weekend, it was fun and everything but it also says I don't have anything else going on. I mean she was with me for nearly 72 hours and I didn't do any of the normal things I do so if she thought about it that way it would seem like I must not have anything else to do. Of course I didn't verbalize any of this to her; I simply have made myself less available and it has greatly increased her attraction to me and now the time we do spend together is more exciting and valuable.

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Nate Rivers