****Reader Question******

There is this girl who always says hi to me but not just any hi a flirtatious hi.The messed up part is that she has a boyfriend and kisses him right in my face. how should i go about this situation.

W. from Richmond

*****My Answer******

Okay from the limited information you've given me, my first response is that she sounds like a insecure psycho. Secondly, I never mess with a woman that's in a relationship. There are too many single, beautiful women out there to complicate my life with someone that is already involved. What you need to do my friend is go out and meet new women. There is no point in worrying about one certain girl especially if she is in a relationship. When you focus on one girl, that is usually the best way to chase her away because you will subconsciously communicate a ton of neediness in everything you do. So my final answer is to avoid this chick and go out and meet some new ones.

******Reader Question*******

Okay so I met this girl last night and got her number, and I was gonna text her that night just to say hi but my friend said I should wait at least 2 days, is he right?

N. from Tuscaloosa

****My Answer*******

First of all, Roll Tide! I hope you're a Bama fan if you're from Tuscaloosa. Yeah your friend is right. When you get a girl's number do not text or call her that night. I usually do wait about two days to contact her. And I always text first. I actually don't call girls anymore, ever. It's all texts baby. Texts are just better in every way; you have time to think of your response, and you can edit it before you send it. So yeah I usually wait a couple of days and then I'll send a text that says something like, "hey this is Nate I met you at _____, I know you remember, what's up?" That's all it needs to be. I'll then usually tease her or say something funny and then I'll just say, " well let's meet up this week, is Tuesday good for you?" And then you just go from there. If she says the first choice isn't good then try for the weekend and if not then just say, alright well maybe some other time. That will let her know that you're not needy and usually she will get back to you in a few days wanting to hang out.

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